Fireplace Extractor fan: Does it really work? Here are 20 good reasons to install the Gemi chimney fan.

Fireplace Extractor fan: Does it really work? Here are 20 good reasons to install the Gemi chimney fan.

Here are good reasons to choose our extractors...

The Gemi Chimney Extractor is much more than just an accessory: it is an essential companion for those who desire an efficient, safe, and clean fireplace. Discover the 20 compelling reasons to install the Gemi Chimney Extractor in your home.

  • 1. Energy Savings: It only costs 10 euros per year on the energy bill, ensuring an efficient and economical fireplace.
  • 2. Quiet Operation: Operates quietly, ideal for enjoying the heat without acoustic disturbances, suitable for open fireplaces, pellet stoves, thermofires, barbecues, or wood-fired ovens.
  • 3. Easy Installation: Simple installation thanks to the manual included in the package and video tutorials available in over 20 languages on our website and YouTube channel.

Transform your fireplace with the Gemi Chimney Extractor and enjoy a safer, cleaner, and more efficient home.

Within the Gemi universe, we are proud to present our wide range of chimney aspirators, eachwith unique features that will meet the various needs of our customers. Our dedication toexcellence has guided us in developing a diverse selection of models, ensuring that everydetail has been carefully designed and crafted.

Basechimney aspirators: For those seeking reliable and efficientsolutions, we offer our line of base chimney aspirators. These models are designed toprovide solid performance at an affordable cost, ensuring effective smoke removal withoutcompromising quality.
Main features: 300°C suction, 3 years warranty, and 2500 M³/hsuction power.

Professionalchimney aspirators: If you're looking for professional-levelperformance characterized by even more power and reliability, our professional smokeextractors are the ideal choice.
Main features: 700°C suction, 6 years warranty, and 3800M³/h suction power.

Our collection also extends to a variety of extractors made with high-quality materials,including stainless steel and copper.

Steelchimney aspirators: Steel extractors embody modern elegance and arebuilt to withstand the challenges of time, offering efficient suction and sophisticatedstyle.

Electric smoke extractor with 6 speeds, entirely designed in AISI 304Stainless Steel. Thanks to its structure, the smoke extractor resists corrosion caused byatmospheric agents and salt air, for increased durability over time. Motor force 3800m³/h,installable on any chimney size. Smoke extractor resistant up to 700°C, in case of fire.

Copper chimneyaspirators: On the other hand, copper extractors not only reflectclassical beauty but also boast durability features.
The copper chimney cap smokeextractor is the top of the range among Gemi electric aspirators. Built entirely in AISI 304Stainless Steel, to allow resistance to atmospheric agents and salt air. Attention is alsopaid to aesthetics, thanks to the copper plating. Like the "Moor's head" professional model,it extracts 3800m³/h and resists up to 700°C. Smoke problem resolution guaranteed. Ideal forfireplaces, stoves, barbecues, ovens, etc. Warranty on the entire chimney aspiratorstructure for 10 years.

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