Electric Deterrents for Animals: How to protect your garden.

Electric Deterrents for Animals: How to protect your garden.

Electric Deterrents for Animals: How to protect your garden.

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When it comes to protecting our precious space from unwanted animals, we are often looking for effective and reliable solutions. This is where electric deterrents for animals come into play, offering a safe and highly effective answer to this common need.

Imagine having a lush garden, full of flowers and plants that require time and effort to maintain in perfect condition. Now imagine how frustrating it is to discover that animals like deer or wild boars are raiding and destroying all your hard work.

In situations like these, electric deterrents for animals can make a difference.

In this article, we will explore in detail electric deterrents for animals, examining them from all angles by talking about how they work and why they represent the ideal choice to keep your space protected from unwanted intruders.

How do electric deterrents for animals work?

As mentioned earlier, electric deterrents are devices designed to protect your space from unwanted animals but how do they work?

Electric deterrents, which can also be more commonly known as electric fences, work by using electric pulses to discourage animals from approaching or entering your precious space. They achieve this by creating an electric barrier that animals find unpleasant and painful, not lethal, prompting them to move away.

What components make up an electric deterrent?

Diving deeper, the electric deterrent is equipped with an engine, also called an energizer, which generates the electrical energy needed to create electric pulses at regular intervals.

At Gemi, we offer 5 different types of energizers, each with specific features:

These pulses are of low intensity, enough to cause discomfort or an unpleasant sensation, but not strong enough to cause physical harm.

The electric deterrent is placed along the perimeter of the area you want to protect, such as a garden or agricultural field.

It is installed using posts and insulators.

Posts are used to support the wire or electric fence. They can be made of different materials, such as wood, plastic, and metal, and are driven into the ground at regular intervals. Their task is to keep the wire raised off the ground.

Insulators are attached to the posts and are responsible for isolating the electric wire from the supporting structure.

This prevents the dispersion of electrical energy through the posts, allowing the wire to maintain an effective electric charge.

Depending on the type of post chosen, it is essential to choose the perfect type of insulator. At Gemi, we offer:

When an animal movement is detected, the electric deterrent emits electrical pulses through wires or tapes. Animals that come into contact with these pulses receive an uncomfortable sensation, discouraging them from continuing or crossing the barrier.

Electric wires are thin cables, generally made of galvanized steel or aluminum coated with plastic, that conduct electrical energy along the fence path. They are flexible and durable, allowing the fence to be shaped according to specific needs. Electric wires are available in various lengths and thicknesses, depending on the fence size and the type of animal to contain or repel.

Electric tapes: Electric tapes are wide strips of conductive material, often made of braided nylon with conductive wires inside. This flat ribbon design makes tapes more visible than traditional electric wires. Tapes are preferred in situations where visibility is important, such as horse fences or residential fences. They can be safer for animals, as they have a larger contact surface than electric wires, distributing energy more evenly and reducing the risk of injuries.

On our site Gemi, you will find a wide selection of electric wires and tapes of various lengths and sizes, so you can choose the one that best suits your specific needs.

The product range of Gemi electric fence

At Gemi, our company, you can find not only a wide selection of electric fence conductors, but also a wideselection of energizers, offering 5 different types, each with specific features and uniqueadvantages:

220V electric energizers with perfect and safe operation for fencesup to 5km;

220V electric energizers with perfect and safe operation for fencesup to 8km;

12V/220V battery-powered energizers with perfect and safe operationfor fences up to 5km and 6J;

12V/220V battery-powered energizers equipped with 2 batteries forperfect and safe operation for fences up to 5km and 6J;

12V/220V battery-powered energizers equipped with a solar panel forperfect and safe operation for fences up to 5km and 6J.

In addition, we offer a wide range of high-quality electric wires and tapes, along withinsulators designed to fit any type of support you choose for your electric fence:

Insulators for wooden posts;

Insulators for iron posts;

Double-hook insulator;

Screw and unscrew mandrel for insulators.

We at Gemi stand out from the competition thanks to our fifty years of experience in thesector and our ability to provide customized solutions for the specific needs of eachcustomer. Our customer focus is meticulous, providing comprehensive support from the momentof purchase that doesn't stop at the time of purchase. We are available by phone at +390287165556, via chat, or email.

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