Electric Fence for Deer: How to build the best fence.

Electric Fence for Deer: How to build the best fence.

Electric Fence for Deer

An electric fence for deer is one of the best solutions to prevent deer intrusion on our lands.

The electric fence for deer must be constructed with durable materials such as wood, metal, or concrete. The size of the fence will depend on the amount of land you wish to protect.

Deer: Key Features

Deer, also known as fallow deer or fallow deer (scientific name: Dama dama), are ungulates belonging to the Cervidae family. These animals are characterized by several distinctive features:

  1. Size: Deer are of medium size, with adult males reaching a shoulder height of about 90-110 centimeters and a weight ranging between 60 and 150 kilograms. Females are generally smaller than males.

  2. Physical appearance: Deer have a short, rough reddish-brown coat during summer, which becomes darker and denser during winter. They have a characteristic white heart-shaped spot on their hind legs.

  3. Antlers: Both male and female deer grow branched antlers. The antlers of males are usually larger and more complex, with a branching structure growing from the skull. Female antlers are shorter and less branched.

  4. Diet: Deer are herbivores and feed mainly on leaves, shoots, grasses, flowers, fruits, and tree bark. Their diet may vary depending on the seasonal availability of food.

  5. Behavior: Deer are primarily crepuscular and nocturnal animals, although they can be observed during the day in certain circumstances. They are usually shy and cautious, often taking refuge in wooded areas to avoid direct contact with humans.

How High Can Deer Jump?

Deer can jump up to 2 meters in height.

The jumping ability of deer can vary depending on factors such as age, physical condition, and specific situation.

However, it is important to note that deer are known for their ability to clear vertical obstacles of considerable height, including fences and other natural barriers, thanks to their agility and strong legs.

How High Should a Fence Be to Prevent Deer Entry?

The electric fence for deer must be tall enough to prevent them from jumping over it. On average, the recommended height for a deer fence is at least 2 meters. As we know, deer are very agile animals that can jump remarkable heights.

Additionally, the fence must be sturdy enough to withstand deer's attempts to knock it down or dig underneath it. It is important to choose high-quality and durable materials for the construction of the fence.

What is the Best Solution to Protect Property from Deer? The Electric Fence...

Electric fences for deer are an innovative system that allows to protect deer and surrounding areas, ensuring harmonious coexistence between wildlife and human settlements.

These fences are an effective solution to reduce damage to crops and environmental heritage, enabling sustainable management of deer populations. In this text, we will explore the features of electric deer fences, their benefits, and best practices for proper use.

Electric deer fences consist of a series of posts interconnected by electric wires, generating a low-power electric shock. This shock creates a virtual barrier that prevents deer from crossing the fence.

The electric wires are positioned at appropriate heights to prevent deer from jumping over them and are connected to a control device that regulates the frequency and intensity of the electric shocks.

What are the Benefits of a Deer Fence?

There are several benefits to building an electric deer fence:

  1. Crop protection: Deer are known to damage agricultural crops, feeding on shoots, flowers, and fruits. Electric fences create a physical barrier that prevents deer from accessing cultivated areas, reducing losses and crop damage.

  2. Biodiversity conservation: Electric fences help maintain the ecological balance of protected areas. By limiting deer access to certain areas, the growth of native plants can be promoted, thereby enhancing biological diversity and the survival of other plant and animal species.

What are the Components for Building a Deer Fence?

To build an effective electric fence for deer, various essential components are required:

  1. Posts and insulators:

    • Insulators: Choose insulators suitable for the type of post and conductor intended for use in the electric fence. Various models are available, such as insulators for wood or iron posts, with single or double hooks. Make sure to have the tool for screwing and unscrewing insulator pins.
  2. Electric wires or tapes:

    • Electric fence wire: Use a wire suitable for allowing the passage of electric current and distributing it along the entire fence. Wires are made of various materials, so the choice will depend on specific needs.
    • Electric fence tape: These are recommended for fences designed to contain larger animals, as they increase the visibility of the electric fence.
  3. Energizers:

    • Electric fence energizers: These are essential devices for generating electric current in the fence. Choose an energizer suitable for the fence's dimensions and specific requirements. For example, to protect against wild boar intrusions, you may need to opt for a high-voltage energizer.

Various options of energizers are available in the market, including those powered by 220V electricity or 12V/220V batteries. The choice will depend on the fence's length and required power.

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