Electric Fences for Horses: The most economical, dynamic, and efficient solution.

Electric Fences for Horses: The most economical, dynamic, and efficient solution.

Electric fences for horses are an excellent solution to delimit the grazing area of our four-legged friends, ensuring their safety. These fences work by transmitting an electric current through conducting wires that surround the delimited area, creating an invisible but effective barrier.

Electric fences for horses can be used both inside and outside stables, to provide our four-legged friends with adequate freedom of movement. In addition to grazing area delimitation, these fences can also be used to separate horses during feeding times.

There are different types of electric fences for horses, but they all share some common features. Firstly, it is important to choose a fence with adequate voltage to ensure a deterrent effect that prevents horses from exiting the delimited area.

Finally, choosing a high-quality electric fence for horses, made with durable materials, is essential to make a safe and long-lasting investment.

In conclusion, electric fences for horses are an effective solution to delimit the grazing area of our four-legged friends, ensuring their safety. Choosing a quality fence with appropriate safety devices is fundamental to ensure the well-being of our horses and give them the right freedom of movement.

How to Make an Electrified Fence for Horses?

The electrified fence for horses is a very useful tool to keep our equine friends safe within a delimited area. In this article, we will see how to build an electrified fence for horses quickly and easily.

First, gather all the necessary materials: electric wire or electric tape, wooden or metal posts, wire insulators, an energizer to provide current, and a voltage tester.

Once you have collected all the necessary materials, you can proceed with the installation. Firstly, choose the area where you will place the fence. The area should be large enough to provide horses with the necessary space to move freely.

After finding the suitable area, you can start installing the posts. We recommend placing the posts 5/6 meters apart. Moreover, it is important to plant the posts deep enough into the ground to ensure the structure's solidity.

Once the posts are in place, you can install the insulators. These should be placed on the posts at the height where the electric wire or tape will be positioned.

After installing the insulators, you can start laying the electric tape. It should be positioned at a distance that prevents horses from crossing the fence without receiving an electric shock. The recommended distance for wire installation is about 60-70 cm from the ground and 1.40 meters from the ground for the second wire.

Next, install the power unit and battery. These should be placed away from the reach of horses to prevent any damage. Additionally, it is important to periodically check the wire's voltage using a simple tester or by bringing an insulated screwdriver within a few millimeters of the tape. If you hear a ticking noise, it means the fence is electrified.

In conclusion, building an electrified fence for horses requires attention and care in laying out the various elements. However, once the work is completed, you will enjoy a safe and protected area for our equine friends.

How High Should a Horse Fence Be?

Horse fences are essential to ensure the animals' safety and protect the surrounding properties. In particular, the fence's height is a crucial factor to consider when building an electric fence for horses.

In general, the fence's height depends on the size of the animal. Larger horses require a higher fence compared to ponies or foals. Additionally, the type of discipline or activity the animal is intended for can influence the fence's height. For example, if you plan to jump with your horse, the fence should be higher compared to one used for leisurely walks.

Most horse fences have a height ranging from 1.20 to 1.50 meters. This height is sufficient to prevent horses from jumping out of the fence. However, if you have trained or experienced show jumping horses, it may be necessary to increase the fence's height.

Furthermore, the upper wires should be positioned at a sufficiently close distance to prevent the horse from getting its head through the lower wires.

Lastly, another important factor to consider is the fence's strength. The electric wire must be robust enough to withstand the pressure exerted by horses in case of collision or pushing. Additionally, the power supply system must be powerful enough to ensure that the fence functions correctly and can deter animals from approaching.

In summary, the height of a horse fence depends on the animal's size, the type of activity performed, and the presence of any potential disturbances. However, a good general rule is to maintain a height between 1.20 and 1.50 meters.

It is advisable to consult an experienced professional to build a fence that guarantees maximum safety for horses and the surrounding properties.

What Do You Need to Build an Electric Fence for Horses?

There are essential accessories needed to construct an electric fence for horses.

Step 1: The Energizer

Firstly, start by getting a good energizer that generates current throughout the fence and protects the land or livestock.

There are different energizers, each with different characteristics:

Always choose the one that suits your needs; in case of doubts, consult an expert or leading companies in the sector like Gemi.

Step 2: Conducting Wire or Electric Tape

After acquiring an energizer, move on to step two: purchasing electric fencing wire or electric tapes.

Due to their composition, they are perfect conductors of current. The energizer generates current that is transferred along the fence using the electric wire or tapes.

They are essential elements!

The product range of Gemi electric fence

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In addition, we offer a wide range of high-quality electric wires and tapes, along withinsulators designed to fit any type of support you choose for your electric fence:

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