Electric fence for horses

An electric horse fence can be the right solution thanks to its practicality and economy.

Over time, more and more breeders around the world, as a tool for keeping their animals, use the electric fence. It is an increasingly used tool as it is easily adaptable to any need. It can be built for:

• long or short fences,
• farmed or wild animals,
• land with 220 V electricity or without electricity using a 12 V battery device.
Horses are certainly among the farm animals for which electric fencing is increasingly used.

Electric fence for horses: what materials to use?
The construction of an electric fence for horses requires some small differences compared to that of other animals, first of all for the materials to be used.

In fact, for horses it is necessary to set up a fence with higher posts than other animals, therefore it follows that even the height of the wire or tape lines must be different from the standards used for other animals.

The recommended heights for horses are:

• first line 85 cm from the ground
• second line 140 cm from the ground
Therefore, also calculating the depth in which the stake must be inserted in the ground, it is necessary to use stakes about 2 meters long.

Gemi Elettronica: our solutions for the electric fence for horses
Among the electric fencing products available to Gemi Elettronica, in addition to the 220 V or 12 V battery energizers and insulators for wooden poles and iron poles, there are also different types of wire and tape.

The wire, the 4 mm² section, is recommended for horses, or the webbing is more suitable.

The horse is in fact an animal with a slightly less developed sight than that of other animals; therefore, the greater thickness of the webbing makes it easier for the animal to see the electric fence around it.

Gemi Elettronica has a long history behind it in the world of electric fences, its products are certified according to the law and clearly made in Italy.

Gemi Elettronica is the best solution for your electric horse fence.

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